Flickr user Steve Moses:

The Minnesota State Fair is happening all this week. It features musical performances by Alan Jackson and Patti LaBelle, plenty of carnival food, and exhibitions of horses, cows, and poultry.

It also apparently features some of the best T-shirts this side of Lake Calhoun.

Minnesota Public Radio reporter Tim Nelson started a Tumblr to showcase unique T-shirts spotted at this year's state fair. The shirts are very, very good.

The website has captured an interesting slice of shirt-based zeitgeist from the annual event. The shirt-bearers have no problem expressing their open enthusiasm for America, Minnesota and dick jokes. Some of the entries include:

  • Intense patriotism.


  • Throwing regional shade.

  • People who pooped today.


  • People who have yet to poop today.

  • Matching grandparents.


There's also a whole set that Nelson has tagged as NSFW. Nothing explicit, just a dash of sexist and scatological humor. Peruse them at your own risk. The following disclaimer regarding the more risqué threads runs at the top of the site.

Like many fairgoers, you may find some of the following ACTUAL fairgrounds apparel offensive and even appalling. Inclusion here DOES NOT constitute endorsement or even acquiescence. Although some are cute.

Indeed, some are very cute. But matching "boobies make me smile" T-shirts? Not cute.