Taiwanese Animators

President Obama's new set of gun control measures are designed to close loopholes and better enforce gun laws in the United States in the hopes of preventing more mass shootings and other forms of gun-related violence in the U.S.

Whether the measures will be effective remains to be seen, but as of now we know that they've resulted in two things: a collective shrug from the NRA and a tongue-in-cheek animation from the Taiwanese Animators.

As much as the video lampoons the various political responses to Obama's measures, it also illustrates how efforts to control gun sales directly influence the valuation of gun manufacturers.

For every piece of legislation or executive order that goes in to effect to enforce gun controls, gun sale spike drastically.


Gun rights activists perceive the laws as a threat and so they stock up, inadvertently making President Obama an invaluable asset to gunmakers who benefit from the sales.


In fact, the very act of talking about stricter gun control immediately drives stock in gun manufacturing companies to skyrocket. As the Taiwanese Animators point out, Smith & Wesson's stock valuation has increased by 808% since President Obama's been in office.


Ultimately, the president's influence on gun sales will be a blessing or a curse inherited by his successor. As to who that might be, nobody really knows.