The three cardinal rules for using a selfie stick

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The selfie stick is facing a global crackdown.

The wildly popular (and divisive) device —  a pole attached to a camera, allowing for better selfie angles  was banned this week from the Australian Open, following similar bans from major entertainment venues in the U.K. and throughout parts of South Korea.


Why would anyone seek to ban an instrument of narcissistic fun? Reasons range from safety concerns to the fact that they distract sports players, musicians, and anyone else in the general vicinity.

But selfie stick users can avoid persecution by following some simple guidelines. Here are some basic etiquette tips for tastefully navigating the waters of selfie stick world.

1. Stay out of the way

Sadly, it is actually impossible to be inconspicuous while posing for a photo and holding an extendable metal pole. But do try to avoid selfie stick usage on crowded sidewalks, busy intersections and all forms of public transportation.

Or else this might happen and it would be well deserved.


Instead, save it for an uncrowded (ideally, specially designated) selfie stick zone.


Same rule applies to all sporting events, live performances and anywhere inside this rugby tournament:


2. Use it sparingly

The selfie stick evangelist will talk breathlessly about all the amazing footage you'd never be able to capture with just a pair of silly hands and a camera phone. There's no arguing that the stick is helpful for those trying to capture a 3 Year Epic Selfie.


But also a lot of times it's probably not even remotely necessary, like here:


3. Never, ever make a phone call with the selfie stick still attached



Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.