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This week, we are exploring the Republican candidates and their relationship to music: the music they like; the music they play at their events; the music that has been written about them; the music that is unfortunately associated with them. We call it Grand Old Party Jams.

The N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton is now out in theaters, so N.W.A. is on everyone's mind, it seems.The ongoing GOP primary has been dominating the news for weeks.


In this clip, the two events merge, beautifully.

This is from a 1991 CBS Evening News report. Turns out that if you paid $1,250 in 1991-money, you could join The Republican Inner Circle. They would send out mailers to people to solicit money and accidentally sent one to Eric Wright, better known as Eazy-E, who was one of the singers of "Fuck Tha Police" and member of N.W.A.

Eazy-E was not a Republican favorite, but he decided he would like to join The Republican Inner Circle, anyway. He sent the money before the "computer foul-up" (computers!) could be corrected and got invited to a luncheon. Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Bush also attended. It's honestly almost too much to believe, but the video comes from CBS News and there's a lot of footage.


At the 1:45 mark, Bob Schieffer asks Jerry Heller, N.W.A.'s manager (played by Paul Giamatti in the movie), if he thinks the Republicans there know what Eric does. Heller laughs and then says no. It's also pretty great.

Schieffer, maybe quoting Eazy-E, or maybe inspired by him, closes the segment on a very apropos note on politicians from both parties: "If you've got the money, they've got the time." Perhaps this could be Chris Christie's in with Bruce Springsteen.

Kent Hernandez/Fusion


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