According to USA Today's best-selling books list, the top 5 books in the country this week (on a list of 150 titles) were written by women. Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman has fluctuated between the first and second spots since its release in mid-July, and some other ladies are vying for the spot after seeing strong sales. USA Today's list includes, among others, former journalist Paula Hawkins and romance novel veteran Debbie Macomber. Take a look:

1. Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Lee wrote Go Set a Watchman¬†during the heightened racial tensions of the 1950s; and the book has caused some controversy‚ÄĒregarding both the characters and the manuscript itself.¬†Curiosity‚ÄĒand a love of Lee's first¬†book, To Kill a Mockingbird‚ÄĒhave fueled sales. The novel portrays the darker side of the Southern racial climate that surrounded main character Scout's own home. (Available for $16.07 on Amazon)

2. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


This record-breaking centers its story around the protagonist's daily morning commute, the cozy neighborhood of houses she passes by, and the couple she sees enjoying breakfast on their deck every morning. Hawkins transforms a banal daily routine into a tense, whodunnit mystery, unraveling into an inexplicable chain of events that won't allow a reader to look up from her book on her own morning commute. (Available for $13.47 on Amazon)

3. Silver Linings by Debbie Macomber


Silver Linings is set in the quaint inn of an unlucky-in-love innkeeper, and involves herself and two guests, all grappling with remnants of old relationships and toying with the idea of rekindling old flames. Throughout the novel, the women learn to thrive off each other's company and seek the silver linings in their misfortune. (Available for $16.52 on Amazon)

4. Grey by E.L James


Have you ever wondered what in the world Fifty Shades Of Grey's Christian Grey was thinking when he tracked his crush via GPS? Or when he splurged on buying her a car for graduation? Or how his damaged past translates into an enigmatic affinity for sadomasochism? James expands on her best-selling trilogy by allowing her readers to peer into the intricate mind and raging hormones of billionaire sex addict Christian Grey. By the by: We've already read this one and detailed his douchiest thoughts right here. (Available for $9.83 on Amazon)

5. Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner


Weiner embraces the timeless poor boy/rich girl theme in a tale following two friends connecting and disconnecting through various moments in their lives. Who Do You Love showcases the growing pains of a childhood friendship, along with the heartaches, miscommunications, and innocent admiration involved. (Available for $16.99 on Amazon)

And! There's another novel, that's not on USA Today's list, but written by a woman and making waves:

After by Anna Todd


Anna Todd's mega-success involves a steamy, forbidden romance between a college freshman named Tessa and a brash, tattooed¬†misfit‚ÄĒbased on none other than the putative king of the boyband fandom, Harry Styles. Started as a project merely to entertain herself, Todd's fanfiction fantasy has racked up over one¬†billion¬†reads online, and Paramount Pictures has acquired the screen rights. Todd is releasing another book, Before, in December.¬†To read After¬†in its entirety, visit Wattpad for the free version.

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