The U.S. is Considering Granting Edward Snowden Amnesty

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What are we reading this morning? Take a look for yourself. Here's a link dump to go with that cup o' joe:

Here's 60 Minutes with some hard-hitting and unbiased journalism. LOLJK. They're such a mouthpiece for the NSA that it's not even funny.


Speaking of the NSA, the U.S. Government is considering granting Edward Snowden amnesty on the condition that he stops leaking so many damn secrets.

Man hijacks a car in Arizona and then drives to a casino. What he failed to realize was that there was a 91-year-old man in the back seat.

This is hands down the best account of Santacon. Why? Because it's told through the lens of Dante's Inferno.

At the risk of glorifying crime and murder, this chronicle of a family that has been terrorizing Omaha for generations is one of the most fascinating things on the Internet right now.
Because I've been listening to Johnny Cash and Nick Cave sing murder ballads, this story of a man killed by a motorist after he pulled over to help a stranded woman on the road moments after his wedding fits my mood.

Sure, informercials have awful production value and are all kinds of cheesy, but did you know that in 2015 revenues are expected to account for up to one percent of the country's gross domestic product?

The Boston Globe takes a hard look at the Tsarnaevs, the family of the two Boston Marathon bombers.


Who owns the artifacts retrieved from the Moon?

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