The U.S. Tore Nearly 2,000 Immigrant Children From Their Families in Under Two Months

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The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” family separation policy has resulted in almost 2,000 children being taken from their families in less than two months.

That’s roughly 45 kids a day, as New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman pointed out. Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially announced the policy on May 7, but the Justice Department said it would prosecute cases from the beginning of April, CNN wrote. The children who are separated not only lose family, but they may suffer from serious short and long-term health consequences, as NBC reported.


The news is especially infuriating because it follows the Trump administration’s increasingly pathetic attempts to try and dodge criticism of its atrocious immigration policy.

Donald Trump nonsensically blamed Democrats and the law for the families being torn apart and said he “hates” seeing children being taken away. (Since he invented the policy, he could end it immediately.)

And Sessions cited the Bible to basically send out the message that disobeying him is disobeying God, so we should stop criticizing him.


The number is at 1,995 and counting. Who knows how much it will have increased by the time of the next report.