Ugliest Confederate Statue in All of Creation Marginally Improved by Anonymous Vandals

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A roadside monument to a Civil War general-turned-KKK founder was vandalized this week, a slight upgrade to what is perhaps the only fitting monument to the Confederacy.

According to FOX-17, the Nathan Bedford Forrest memorial alongside Nashville’s I-65 was found splashed with “red or pink paint” on Wednesday morning. It is unclear when the vandalism actually occurred.


The 25-foot statue of Bedford Forrest shooting behind him while riding (retreating?) on his golden horse was first erected in 1998 and is infamous for its hyper-realistic depiction of the notorious racist’s googly eyes and wild grin.


What a somber, dignified tribute to one of the country’s premier bigots.

After being notified of Wednesday’s vandalism, statue owner Bill Dorris told the local station:

As many times as I’ve been out here dealing with it, I’m over it. The old saying goes ‘I’m a big boy with broad shoulders.’


Presumably, Dorris was referencing similar acts of vandalism targeting the statue, the most recent of which reportedly occurred on September 11 of this year. As far as Dorris being a “big boy,” well, that’s anyone’s guess. What we do know for certain is that in 2015, he referred to the institution of slavery as a form of “social security” for African Americans.

Since he proclaims to be fed up with cleaning up the statue anyway, I say he should leave it be. Hell, string some Christmas lights across the thing and splash a few more colors on there. Whatever it takes to get more eyes on the caricatured ghoulishness of a grade A bigot like Bedford Forrest.


Check it out, America! Here’s one of your founding racists—take a good hard look.