'The View' Had a Really Good, Really Random Fight Today

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The View is a good show (please do not leave comments suggesting otherwise, this is not up for debate) in part because it never fails to throw its audience some unexpected curveballs. For instance, who would have guessed that the hosts of The View would spend seven full minutes of airtime on a disgusting August morning in New York conducting an increasingly tense debate about the “war on Christmas”?


Yet that is exactly what our heroes did today. And lemme tell ya: It was good.

You can’t ask for more on a dreary Wednesday than to watch Meghan McCain morph, over the course of just a few hundred seconds, from “person calmly explaining that Donald Trump’s conservative base loves to hear about the war on Christmas” to “person loudly defending her insistence on saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to everybody no matter what” to “person actually uttering the words ‘I think the war on Christmas is a real thing going on in our culture.’”


Deputy Editor, Splinter