The View Is Coming BACK With More Feisty Nepotism Than Ever and I Am HERE for It!!

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After weeks of rumors and what felt like a never-ending summer break for the show’s fans at Splinter, ABC officially announced on Tuesday that success daughter Abby Huntsman, the progeny of U.S. Ambassador to RUSSIA (!!!???) Jon Huntsman, is joining as a co-host of ABC’s The View.

And with that news, we also got our first glimpse of the whole cast, together, who were definitely in the same room for this photo shoot!!


This raises FAR more questions than it answers: Will Huntsman serve as a foil or an ally to token conservative and Splinter Icon Meghan McCain? Is Whoopi making that face in anticipation of being thoroughly unimpressed by Huntsman’s bullshit? And what EXACTLY is going on with the tan (or lack thereof) in Huntsman’s armpit region??

The 22nd season of ABC’s ladies-only gabfest begins on Sept. 4. And you better believe we’ll be tuning in for Huntsman’s take on all the HOT TOPICS of the day.