The View Loses Its Mind Fighting About Socialism and Folks...It's Good

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The View’s resident conservative/villain, Meghan McCain, got into a shouting match today with co-host Joy Behar about the merits of socialism. And folks, it was very good.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg—who was recently at the center of her own controversy stemming from Jeanine Pirro’s appearance on the morning gabfest—started off the action by talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, benignly offering that she has the same issue with the rising star as she did with Bernie Sanders, namely, “If you’re a socialist, tell me that.” (They are, but whatever.)


Co-host Sunny Hostin recounted Ocasio-Cortez’s very attractive campaign platform, which she had laid out during a spot on an earlier show: “Medicare for all, fully funded public schools and universities, paid family and sick leave, justice system reform, immigration justice, infrastructural overhaul, clean campaign finance, an economy of peace, housing as a human right.”

“That sounds like a successful country,” Behar said, with sounds of assent at each proposal.


What is this, Fox News??? You’re really selling me on this whole socialism thing!!

But McCain was NOT about to let this left wing lovefest go unchecked.

“This makes my head explode,” she butt in. “I hope Democrats do run a democratic socialist because I think you’ll lose spectacularly, and then I’ll look forward to Election Night when I can tell everybody, ‘I told you so,’ if you end up running a radical.”

Then, like the good conservative girl she is, McCain quoted girlboss Margaret Thatcher, speaking on the evil of “spending other people’s money” before going on to recount all the well-worn right wing wisdom about Venezuela, a supposedly socialist country where things aren’t working out so well. Behar calmly noted all the Scandinavian countries currently operating on Sanders-like platforms that seem to be doing just fine, which only made McCain yell more.

All told, if McCain wants to make herself yet another screeching voice against the scourge of socialism, I say bring it!!!