'The Walking Dead' fan gets drunk, mistakes friend for a zombie, murders friend

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A fter watching a few episodes of The Walking Dead and knocking back more alcohol than he could handle, Damon Perry was convinced that his friend Christopher Paquin had become a zombie and was trying to eat him.


In a wild and drunken panic, Perry, 23, stabbed Paquin with knives and bludgeoned him using an electric guitar and a microwave oven. Paquin eventually died after Perry beat his friend with his fists.

Perry, still crazed, then left his apartment, apparently looking for more zombies. His terrified neighbors called the police to report that Perry was threatening other people in the building and brandishing a knife.


Perry was apprehended by two maintenance men who managed to pin him down until police arrived.

“It was one of the absolute worst (crime scenes) I’ve ever seen," Moses Marquez, a spokesperson for the Grants, New Mexico Police Department told KOB 4 News. "I’ve been with the department for 15 years."

Perry's been charged with one count of murder and is currently being held at the Cibola County Detention Center.

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