'The Walking Dead': Post-Apocalyptic Couples We Wish Would Procreate

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There’s no denying life after a zombie apocalypse has to be rough, especially when your options for sexual partners dwindles down to double digits. If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead,” you know some unlikely, yet let’s-go-with-it relationships, have blossomed between our favorite survivors. (Don’t tell me you weren’t at least half-aroused when Andrea hopped on Shane’s lap in the car - in the driver’s seat! - during Season 2, Episode 6). But aside from mere intercourse, what about the larger picture? Reproduction. As we all learned from Lori’s gut-wrenching death while giving birth, being pregnant with Walkers chasing after you sounds about as fun as doing burpees at the gym. But with the human will to survive, offspring is inevitable. Here are the top four couples on the show we’d like to see live long enough to help repopulate Atlanta.



With Glenn’s on-point intuition and Maggie’s sultry Southern looks, it makes sense why these two are given the most sex scenes every season. What we need after the majority of Earth’s population has been wiped out is a baby who can come up with a game plan like dad and execute it in a sexy way like mom. Plus, Hershel (decapitated or not) has always liked Glenn.


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This has to be the easiest match-up yet. I mean, the way these two look after each other is basically like "The Notebook," but replace the Alzheimer’s with flesh-eating zombies. Carol’s motherly instincts and lone survivor mentality combined with Daryl’s all-around ability to fix, fight, hunt and kill anything with a crossbow is a lethal mix for the lovechild we wish they’d have. Yes, Carol might look old, but the good thing about not having electricity in a post-apocalyptic world is it all feels the same in the dark. And they have rhyming names?!



I know, I know. You’re probably thinking WTF! But hear me out. If you had “cool” parents as a kid, they might have let you take a sip of their wine inside the house. But imagine even cooler parents who can give you a sheriff’s hat and a ninja sword! As two of the show’s biggest butt-kickers they are the undead world’s Kimye (Michonne is Kanye because she’s always pissed off).



Honestly, I’m not too sure if Beth can be the equal to Carl’s newfound gun-slinging manhood, but maybe that will be an option when the creators would finally add a prominent Latina. So, for now it’s Beth (ugh). We all know Carl is underage but there are no rules anymore, especially not in the Walker-ridden boonies of Georgia. And there’s an undeniable attraction between him and Beth. Since he’s lost every woman that’s been a part of his life (when will we find out if Judith died?!) I’m sure he’s hoping third time’s the charm. For a 13-year-old, he handles a gun, well, still like a 13-year-old but thankfully the Walkers move slower as the seasons go along. But nobody can quite touch his aim. If he has the same skill mixing with Beth’s nurturing instincts, we may just have a new generation on our hands. Here we come season 17!

Episode 9, Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, February 9 on AMC.

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