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I will readily admit something right up front: I am a crazy dog lady. Well, not currently, but the potential is there, sitting back on its haunches and ready to run free and wild the minute I reach an appropriate age for wearing odd hats and sweatshirts featuring dogs doing people things. So when I read that 18 percent of pet owners have Skyped their boo-boos, my first thought was “those heifers be lying,” because I’d guess the number is probably closer to 97.3 percent.


Here’s more on the habits of of fur-ever families (lol, but also gag) from TIME:

17% of pet owners have made a social media account for their pet, 25% have “friended” or “followed” a pet on social media, and 18% have attempted to use Skype or FaceTime with the animal that lives in their home.


The survey, conducted by electronics warranty provider SquareTrade, also indicates that 19 percent of pet owners believe that their pets destroy their electronic devices — whether by knocking them over or peeing all over them — out of anger.

Other things pets will do out of misplaced rage:

  • Subtweet you
  • Eat so many cronuts
  • Write a Thought Catalog post about pets’ rights and passive-aggressively post it to your Facebook wall
  • Center themselves with yoga
  • Declare that they cannot even
  • Refuse to endorse you on LinkedIn
  • Call your book club choices “pedestrian”
  • Spill half of a Venti Iced Oprah Spiced Chai Latte with Soy on your phone
  • Crap on your pillow

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