The Week in WTF? Fart-Proof Underwear, Cloned Dogs, and More

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Here's the week in WTF news from around the globe.

Wake Up and Smell the App

If you need the smell of coffee to wake you up in the morning but you're too lazy to even put on a pot, problem solved A new Japanese app releases coffee and bacon aromas when your alarm clock goes off. The Scentee app comes with a smartphone plug-in accessory that can trigger the release of different scents from the soothing (lavender, mint) to the spicy (cinnamon, curry).

Send In the (Dog) Clones

Yeah, dog lovers, you all feel like they can't live without their dogs. But now you don't have to. Scientists from South Korea can now clone your dog, and they assure they can clone any breed, size or shape of canine.


To do so, all they need is one microscopic skin cell and $100,000 to produce a replica of your canine in just two months. The South Korean Sooam Foundation claims to have successfully cloned at least 400 canines around the world.

Break Like The Wind In These New Briefs

Frequently flatulent? No problem — just check out these undies. New Shreddies briefs filter out the odor of smelly gas. It’s possible thanks to Zorflex, a carbon-blend fabric. Now you can delay awkward bedroom moments down to the last layer.

Twentysomething Travel God

Forget that one semester abroad where you took your dad's money to do some backpacking. This guy has you beat, no matter how many hostels you partied in. He’s been to 196 countries and he’s only 24 years old. James Asquith has spent approximately $200,000 in becoming the youngest person to visit every single one of the world's countries, from A to Z. So, James, how was Zaire?



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