The White House phone line is finally up. Call Trump and tell him what you think of him!

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It took a couple weeks, but the White House comment line is open again.

The comment line was closed in the last weeks of Barack Obama's presidency, and—until very recently—the first part of Donald Trump's. It is now accessible again by calling (202) 456-1111 directly, or through the White House switchboard at (202) 456-1414.

Believe me, it works—I called, got through, and even spoke to a volunteer.


A White House spokesperson told the New York Times the line was closed because the office that maintains it hadn't been staffed yet. During the time Americans were unable to call with a comment, Trump signed over 10 executive orders addressing hot-button issues including the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the refugee program, and the police.

Last week, while the line was still down, Trump cited a lack of phone calls as a reason he believed that his executive orders to push ahead on the the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines were not controversial.

"I haven't even had one call from anybody saying 'oh that was a terrible thing you did,'" he explained.


While the Obama administration allowed messages to be sent to the White House via Facebook Messenger, the Trump White House page doesn't have this same option.


According to the White House website, sending a written message through the online contact form is still the fastest way to get your message to the administration, though the administration also accepts letters through the mail.

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