The Wolf Of Buzzfeed: A Buzzfeed Parody That Will Make You Laugh-Cry

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Transparency alert: this is a post about a video making fun of these very kinds of posts.


Ladies and gents, I give you "The Wolf of Buzzfeed." Produced by Half Day Today, the video is a spoof of The Wolf of Wall Street, except (obviously) about Buzzfeed and not Wall Street.

The main point is that posts like these that embed and aggregate other people's work just to be shared socially and get hits don't actually reward the people doing the work, and they're not that interesting either.

Around 30 seconds, the video goes:

"Yeah but if you cite sources and give people credit, it benefits everybody, right?"


Watch for yourself. It's funny. We swear. We wouldn't post it if it wasn't worth it.


Believe it or not, people really do love cat pictures and nostalgia! They do! That's why everyone on the Internet is trying to do it.