The women behind #ShoutYourAbortion read some crazy tweets people sent them

A is For on Vimeo

The women who started the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign, designed to address the stigma around abortion, got a lot of support, and a lot of blowback, for their Twitter campaign.

"If you understood physiology, you'd know that the interior of uterus is external to woman's body. Like inside of mouth," someone explained to Lindy West.


"I have a solution. Stop killing your own people, and start helping them become better people instead," one astute observer suggested to Ijeoma Oluo.

"Maybe you shouldn't let various men drop semen in you. I bet you regret those VDs that you have," another helpful commentator tweeted to Martha Plimpton.

Women's rights group A is For decided to do something with all the negative (and sometimes just straight out crazy) tweets people sent their way:


Yeah, these tweets pretty much speak for themselves.

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