The world's first solar-powered airport just opened in India

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Cochin International Airport in south India is the world's first airport to run entirely on solar power. Starting this week, 46,150 solar panels will power all of the airport's facilities, the Times of India reports.


The airport, also known as CIAL (Cochin International Airport Limited), first introduced solar panels over it's arrivals lounge in 2013. To support the energy needs of the airport, solar panels have been installed on 45 acres of land next to the airport, according to the International Business Times.

“With the commissioning of the plant, Cochin International Airport will become the first airport in the country to be completely powered by solar energy—as its entire power requirement of about 52,000 units daily will be met by these solar plants,” said V.J. Kurian, CIAL's managing director, in a statement on the airport's Facebook page.


In the most recent financial year, the airport saw around 6.8 million passengers, Gizmag writes. Airport authorities expect to reduce carbon emissions by 300,000 tonnes by 2040.

The power plant was built by Bangalore-based company Bosch Limited at a cost of $10 million, Al Jazeera reports, but authorities expect to recover that amount in savings within five years. Cochin Airport is funded through a private-public partnership, according to NDTV.

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