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Presidential candidates, they're just like us.

Or at least they try to project an image of being relatable by referencing popular television shows, drinking beer, and eating food on sticks. They do these things because of us: voters have a tendency to support the candidates they believe share their values and basic personality traits.


So here are the top 10 times presidential candidates tried to make you like them in 2015. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

1. That time Ted Cruz quoted The Simpsons, just like every guy you dated in college

2. That time Hillary Clinton smiled good-naturedly while attempting unfamiliar millennial dance moves, just like your Aunt Judy at your cousin Susan's wedding

3. That time Lindsey Graham said he likes to drink, just like your cousin Tommy at Thanksgiving

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4. That time Marco Rubio called Hillary Clinton out of touch by making a joke about a movie that came out in 1989, just like your friend Chris who tells people to shush in movie theaters even though the shushing sound is just as disruptive as talking


5. That time Bernie Sanders did an impression of Larry David, just like your Uncle Carl who loves to quote Curb Your Enthusiasm to you because "you're the only person in this family who gets me"

6. That time Ted Cruz reenacted an entire scene from The Princess Bride, just like that guy you met on Tindr and never texted again

7. That time Lindsey Graham quoted The Princess Bride back at Ted Cruz as a way to criticize Ted Cruz's position on Syria, just like, uh, Lindsey Graham at the fifth Republican undercard debate

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 5.03.58 PM

8. That time Martin O'Malley covered Taylor Swift, just like your friend's friend who picked up a guitar at that party and asked the room, "Mind if I play something?"

9. That time Donald Trump said "shit," just like you did when you realized you locked your keys inside your apartment and that the spare set you made to keep at a friend's place for just these situations is still in your bedside table

10. That time Jeb Bush struggled to put on a hoodie, just like Xenak, an alien from Mars who had never seen a zip up hoodie before

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