These 12 powerful tweets explain just why Prince meant so much to so many people

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Today, Prince Rogers Nelson, better know simply by his first name, died in his Minnesota home. As word of Prince's death spread, fans and fellow musicians alike took to the internet to express their sadness and disbelief of the 57-year-old's untimely death.

In addition to his impressive singing abilities, Prince is known to have been able to play the guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, drums,  and synthesizers. And not only did Prince purportedly play all 27 instruments that made up his first studio album, he'd also been self-producing his work since the age of 21. He was notoriously defensive about when, where, and how his music was shared online. At the time of his death, the only way to legally stream his music was though Tidal.

To scroll through #Prince now is to look at a live feed of the millions of people whose lives his music impacted in a profound way. Truthfully, it's difficult to try and pin down just what unites Prince fans together other than their love of Prince and his musical legacy.


Noted technologist and blogger Anil Dash is a self-professed Prince megafan. Dash added his reflections on Prince's life and his legacy to the chorus of  heartfelt tweets online today, and in doing so, perfectly explained just why so many loved Prince.


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