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*UPDATE: has since removed the poll examined in this post from its website. In a statement, they said they had gotten feedback indicating readers were misinterpreting their data. They clarified that they couldn't 100% sure that all of the tweets were coming from students. “By looking at the radii around campuses, we’re more so looking at derogatory language in college towns, not just the school itself,” Domenica D’Ottavio, a rep for, told me. She said they had first geocoded tweets, and then found which school they were near to put together our rankings.

Recently, housing resource site Abodo released a study showing the most hate-filled places in America according to their tweets.

Now,, a group that compiles data on America's colleges and universities, has prepared a similar report for schools in America.

They looked at tweets originating from within one mile of a college campus center with 1,000 to 4,999 full-time students, and within three miles of a college campus center with over 5,000 full-time students. (Of course, this means that some tweets may be originating from residents living near the school). They then compared the overall set of words in the tweets with the amount of hate-words they contained to come up with what you might call a hate-ratio. You can find the list of words they looked up here.

Here are the results. First: The overall most hate-filled schools.


Next, the most anti-black.

Most anti-women.


And the most anti-women schools excluding the word "bitch." Hello Yale!

And finally, the most homophobic. What is going on at Husson U?.


And for balance, they also named the most politically correct schools in America.

You can find their full report here.

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