Devin Allen

On April 12, Freddie Gray got into a Baltimore police van, after being chased down and arrested by police. Thirty minutes later, he emerged with severe injuries that led to his death a week later.

There are many unanswered questions in the case, like why police chased him down and arrested him, when there is no indication that Gray was in the process of or had committed a crime or why they didn't belt him into the van, as required by their own internal regulations. The Baltimore Sun has reported that Gray is not the only arrestee to have suffered serious injuries from a ride in a police van.


Like the police-involved killings of Oscar Grant and Eric Garner and Michael Brown—all young, black men—Gray's death touched off a series of protests seeking justice and reform of police practices.

Baltimore native and self-taught photographer Devin Allen hit the streets to document the deep pain and righteous anger of his city. The photos he produced are searing, intimate, and remarkable.

A tear streams down a protester's face as Freddie Gray's friends and family address the crowd.
A father and son march on April 23.
Protesters scream "No justice, no peace" at an April 23 march.
A standoff with police during yesterday's protests.
A protester kneels, hands up, at last night's protest.
A protester chants during the week's protests.
Protesters stand together blocking a street.
Protesters chant "Hands up, don't shoot."
Marchers on April 23.
A peaceful conversation between protesters, media, and police on the front lines.
Two young protesters march with signs.
A march demanding justice for Freddie Gray on April 23
A crowd watches as someone smashes in a rear window.

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