Transgender Law Center/Instagram

Starting today, you may start seeing more transgender teens proudly sharing their stories on Instagram.

A new selfie campaign launched by the Transgender Law Center and the GSA Network hopes to highlight the diversity of the trans youth experience.

“For people that aren’t connected to the transgender movement, it’s powerful to see a diverse group of trans folks who aren’t Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox,” said Pat Cordova-Goff, a trans teen working for the campaign, called #transTRUTH.


Cordova-Goff, 18, said the campaign will have a powerful affect on younger trans teens who are trying to define their identities.

"Often times selfies are judged, because people think it’s narcissistic thing to do, but it’s really powerful when you see a trans person saying they love themselves," Cordova said.

The teens are encouraged to share the pronouns that match their gender identity, which go beyond she and him. Some trans teens request people eliminate male and female pronouns altogether.


The two LGBT-rights organizations hope the TRUTH campaign builds understanding for transgender and gender non-conforming youth, in their own words and in their own ways.


The #transTRUTH campaign includes a page with frequently asked questions that helps teens make an informed decision before coming out.