These are the world's least happy tourists, according to the online reviews they leave


With the advent of review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, it's never been easier to plan an international vacation in advance. Yet some people still aren't happy with the activities these sites point them to—and they take out their frustrations on the internet.

Recently,, a site that offers international tours and activities for tourists, looked at the reviews left by residents of 50 countries on their site. They sorted these reviews to figure out which country's tourists were the least satisfied by their trips abroad (or, perhaps, least tolerant of their hosts' customs).


Here's who they found had the most unhappy visits:

Five of the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of negative reviews were Asian countries. South Korea came out on top, with 18.5% of its reviews ranked as 1- or 2-star. Four Spanish-speaking countries — Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina — also had high percentages of negative reviews.

The site also ranked the countries with the highest percentage of satisfied tourists, as judged by their reviews. The Czech Republic placed first on this list, with 92.3% positive reviews, followed by Russia, Poland, and Malta. (America finished outside the top 10, with 83% positive reviews.)


Judging by this data, Europeans are happier than anyone else—especially when they're away from home.



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