Datrianna Meeks/Kickstarter

Datrianna Meeks just upgraded your ladies-only poker night. The 24-year-old School of Visual Arts student has created flawless "What Would B Say?" playing cards, each emblazoned with an inspirational Beyoncé quote—you'll definitely want to remember that "diva is the female version of a hustler" when you ante up.

Credit: Datrianna Meeks/Kickstarter

In this deck, every card is a queen (no, not literally, because that would be terrible).

Credit: Datrianna Meeks/Kickstarter

Meeks is still short of her $3,500 Kickstarter goal, but just $20 could buy you a WWBS deck of your very own.


Get on it, before these cards become the best thing you never had. Did we also mention that they're irreplaceable? Okay, sorry, we're done.

[h/t DNAinfo]

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