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Scientists discovered the first insects with sex-reversed genitalia in Brazilian caves. Yes, by sex reversed we mean that the female insects have penis-like genitalia and the males have vagina-like genitalia.

There are actually four different species in Brazilian caves with these lady penises and dude vaginas, but they are all related within the Neotrogla genus.


"Although sex-role reversal has been identified in several different animals, Neotrogla is the only example in which the intromittent organ is also reversed," said Kazunori Yoshizawa from Hokkaido University in Japan, in the study.

The insects are only 2.7 - 3.7 millimeters long, and the female penises are 0.4 to 0.5 mm long. Apparently 0.4 - 0.5 mm is quite large for an insect. According to NBC News it’s like if a 5’9’’ had a 9.5 inch penis, so like imagine that conversation between the boy insects “Oh my god did you hear that Martha is HUGE. I mean her penis is like 0.47 mm HUGE. Like what do you even do with that?!?” The struggle of male insects dealing with giant lady penises is très real.


As if you weren't jealous already, the insects mate for 40-70 hours (aka between 2 and 3 days), during which the females insert their penis-like organs, which scientists are calling gynosomes, into the men. Once inside, the female penis inflates, latches onto the inside of the male, and gathers male sperm. The females are then all fertilized and lay little insect eggs, so they’re still technically chicks.

The female penises had to be analyzed under a microscope, which you can see here:


Scientists believe these insects most likely developed this way because of the cave environment, because caves pretty much create the strangest animals on this planet, like blind albino cave fish and eyeless white dragon things.

“The findings pave the way for interesting studies in these insects to learn what makes them so special,” said Science Daily. Ummmm we think we knows what makes them special. Lady penises and male vaginas. The end.