These marijuana goggles are (probably) nothing like smoking marijuana

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Scaring teens with lies is an admirable and likely effective way to get them not to do shit, so I can't really condemn the Hancock City (Ind.) Youth Council for handing kids some "marijuana goggles" and parading them around a classroom earlier this week. It's not a bad idea! But, come on, Hancock City Youth Council, you gotta be kidding me with this marijuana goggle business. "The goggles allow the teens to see through the eyes of someone who has been smoking, without ever lighting up themselves," CW Indianapolis writes. We'll see about that!

These teens did a simple maze without the goggles in 12 seconds. With the googles on, it took the same students four times longer. Navigating a map was nearly impossible, and none of the students could see flashing red lights or laser lights that represented a roadblock, or a child running out in the middle of the road.


The narcs at the Washington Post go a little more into detail about how exactly these goggles work, explaining that they "work by filtering out red light," as well as provide a "slight disorientation."

Again: all for scaring teens into not doing shit with lies, if that's your thing. But what is this!!! Who made these goggles? Have they ever smoked pot before? I mean, I definitely haven't smoked pot before, but from everything I hear, this is not at all how it works! Who's going to buy this? Get it together, Hancock City Youth Council.


“It’s definitely crazy to think that it can do something like that to you,” Blair Viehweg told CW Indianapolis.

Don't listen to their lies, Blair!!!

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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