These people are trying to sell air from Kobe Bryant's final NBA game on Ebay

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The latest in sports memorabilia storage involves a lot of Ziplock baggies.

A week hasn't past since Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant played the last game of his career and multiple Ebay sellers are trying to cash in by what they claim to be air from Bryant's final match.

An Ebay search on Sunday afternoon found dozens of listings for a chance to forever own a patch of atmosphere Kobe Bryant exhaled into (maybe [probably not]).


While many of these listings are undoubtedly copycats and jokes, Sports Illustrated reports at least one listing started out at $1 and went all the way up to $15,000 before being taken down by Ebay.


A lot of people are saying there's no way any of these are legit, but with the way the atmosphere circulates, there's really no way to tell. So go ahead and buy one if you want air breathed by a man accused of sexual assault who was also very good at a ball game.