Who among us doesn't remember the halcyon days of youth when, lying in bed past our bedtime, we read the classic Hardy Boys mystery The Forest Where Gravity Didn't Affect Cats?

Just kidding: that Hardy Boys novel doesn't exist. But it's not that much of a stretch if you're familiar with Hardy Boys covers, depicting teen brothers Frank and Joe Hardy investigating mysteries and getting into, or escaping from, various scrapes, often with flashlights in hand.

The image and title above come from a Tumblr simply called Hardy Boys Covers. The blog, which has been around since September, posts photoshopped images of Hardy Boys book covers, with titles changed by comedian Keaton Patti based on what the cover art looks like.

The blog is both apparently anonymous (if you're behind it, get in touch) and very prolific. It started off with the classic mystery We Blew Up Australia:


But has dealt with classic villains like The Needy Hug Demon…

…and The Graveyard Hunk.


They also deal in locations.


And Diane Lane romantic comedies.

Not to mention the everyday struggles of being a teen.


This very recent addition is one of my favorites:

Being photoshopped into absurdity seems like a decent metaphor for life as a teen (or teen detective). There's plenty more on the Tumblr itself.


Update 11/19/2015: Updated to reflect that Keaton Patti is the creator of the blog.

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