Say goodbye to this dog, because he's about to be put out to sea, stranded on a chunk of ice, floating away forever.

Are you laughing? What's wrong with you? That's a horrible thing to do to a dog!

Except it didn't actually happen. The clip was taken from an animal rescue video that has been turned into a GIF and reversed to make it look like the Russian sailors are abandoning the dog to an Arctic death.

r/reverseanimalrescue was one of Reddit's trending subreddits today, and it is exactly what it sounds like: Animal rescues, reversed. It's filled with GIFs that make it perversely easier to enjoy hopeful scenes that are made infinitely worse when seen in reverse. Like a cat being shoved into a car suspension:


Or a man pushing a shark up onto a beach by his tail:


Or this dog that a group of soldiers were so mad at, they decided to bury it in the ground:


Remember, it's okay to laugh at these; all the animals are okay! They are actually videos of animals getting rescued. You are not a monster (as far as we can tell).