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At a quick glance, jorunna parva look just like tiny fluffy bunnies with black speckles all over. Japanese Twitter has just discovered them, dubbing them "goma-chan" (miss sesame):


But these "bunnies" are actually sea slugs, with ear-like antennas that help them pick up chemical changes as they move through water, Yahoo News Canada reports. You can generally find them gliding across the ocean floor in the seas around Japan, the Philippines and the Seychelles, and they belong to a species of sea slug called "nudibranchs."


"Nudibranchs crawl through life as slick and naked as a newborn. Snail kin whose ancestors shrugged off the shell millions of years ago, they are just skin, muscle, and organs sliding on trails of slime across ocean floors and coral heads the world over," National Geographic tells us.

And while most of the goma-chan photos going around are of the white bunny variety, they can be many different colors.