These teenagers went from being homeless to national heroes in one week

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The homeless men and women of Mexico have brought glory to their country.

Last weekend, a group of Mexican street kids won the 2015 Homeless World Cup, an annual tournament that seeks to “inspire homeless people to change their lives through the power of football [how soccer is known outside the U.S.].” But the youngsters also ended up inspiring all of Mexico by winning both the men’s and women’s divisions beating Ukraine 5-2 and Chile 3-1 respectively.


A total of 63 teams participated in the soccer tournament held Sept. 12-19 in Amsterdam.

This week, the kids traveled back to Mexico City, where they met with President Enrique Peña Nieto who congratulated them on their victory.

“You have demonstrated something very important,” the president said. “Not only are you champions, representing Mexico and giving the country this triumph, you also proved your ability to overcome difficult circumstances.”

Peña Nieto promised he would help improve the kids’ lives. Mexican media has referred to the youngsters as “heroes.”

Heroes indeed. Mexico’s struggling national soccer team might be able to learn a thing or two from them.