Photo: John Minchillo (AP)

It’s been one of the many lingering questions as of late: How far are Trump supporters willing to go to stick it to the libs?

Thanks to James Alicie and Richard Birchfield, two friends from Delaware, OH, a small city 35 minutes north of Columbus, we now have a pretty good idea: all the way to Russia.

Their smiling mugs are currently going viral on social media because they proudly wore T-shirts to Saturday evening’s Trump rally at Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, stating, “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.” reporter Jeremy Pelzer snapped their photo.

The pair said it was the first time they’d seen a president in person, according to Pelzer. They also admitted to not understanding why Trump is so unpopular, considering the so-called misdeeds of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Birchfield doesn’t appear to have offered an explanation as to how one could “Make America Great Again,” as his hat urged, while longing to take refuge in Russia come November.

Let’s just say their choice of fashion isn’t being well-received on Twitter.



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