These Trump fans were pitched horrifying fake policies about Mexicans. They loved them.

Donald Trump's entire political career has been predicated largely on saying extremely offensive things at extremely bad times and nevertheless being lauded for it by a shockingly large percentage of the voting public.

As part of an ongoing election-year series produced for Hulu, satirical puppy pundit Triumph the Insult Comic Dog exploited this tendency to the hilt. Triumph hosted a media focus group during which what he said were "actual Trump supporters" were shown a series of increasingly bizarre, outlandish and inflammatory ads which they thought were really coming from the Trump campaign, but had actually been dreamed up by Triumph's team.

There were commercials which proposed adding an armory to women's restrooms and questioned Hillary Clinton's identity, among others. One of the most extreme spots was about immigration.


"Let's build an invisible electric fence to keep any illegals out, starting now," one faux commercial exclaimed. "They try and cross and ZAP!" It went on to explain that all 150 million Mexican citizens will be outfitted with shock collars featuring "Trump-quality" bling.

Triumph said he and his team wanted to see "how far we could push Trump's loyal supporters" into agreeing with even the most horrific of ideas just because "Trump" was suggesting them.

Surprise! The group backed every crazy proposal without much pause. They even brought additional terrible solutions of their own to the table—especially when it came to the Mexican shock collar "plan."

Watch the inadvertently chilling video above.

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