These two mountain climbers are documenting their Everest expedition on Snapchat, and it's incredible

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There are two things I know for certain in this world:

  1. I'm hopelessly addicted to my iPhone.
  2. I will never, ever get my act together enough to climb Mt. Everest.

Honestly, I've made my peace with it. And luckily, mountain climbers Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards have my back.

Ballinger, an expert mountaineer, and Richards, a photojournalist with National Geographic, are in the midst of an expedition (with guide Pasang Rinji Sherpa) to Everest's peak. And as if climbing the tallest mountain in the world wasn't difficult enough, they are also documenting their ascent in almost realtime on Snapchat.

The username: EverestNoFilter.

"The whole point of EverestNoFilter is to give you sort of an unfiltered look at the whole thing," Richards recently told CBS. "We can't make the pictures pretty, we can't edit the video. It's just instantaneous."


Of course, not being able to "make the pictures pretty" doesn't mean the footage captured by the duo isn't profoundly striking on its own.

In addition to capturing picturesque vistas, the team also documents some of the the less glamorous aspects of mountaineering, like digging through snow and packing up poop.

To share their snaps with the world, the duo relies on a satellite internet dish, and a healthy dose of patience.

In addition to their EverestNoFilter Snapchat account, Richards and Ballinger, who are climbing as part of the Eddie Bauer Guide and Athlete Team, are also Instagramming their progress on their personal pages, and with the hashtag #EverestNoFilter.


Speaking with CBS, Ballinger expressed high hopes for the lasting impression his climbs may have, saying: "I've always found climbing to be a selfish pursuit — I love it, but I also like being able to tell the stories of it and hopefully inspire or raise questions with people at home."

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