They Let the President Watch the TV Again

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Robert Mueller is testifying before Congress this week, so it’s a good bet that the Very Online President is gearing up for several days worth of ALL CAPS tweets maintaining whatever innocence he seems to think he achieved via Mueller’s report.

From the looks of things, he’s already getting started:


Indeed, it seems the president celebrated the budget deal with some much-needed Executive Time on Monday evening, catching Trish Regan’s enthralling show on Fox Business Network. Regan allegedly read the report—which is great, since Trump certainly won’t—though it seems she skimmed some of the good parts if she doesn’t think that, at the very least, Trump surrounded himself with some big dumb crime-doers.

Trump’s for sure got Mueller on the brain. On Monday, he spewed off a bunch of lies about the Mueller report while doing a sit-down with Pakistani Prime Minster Imran Khan, alleging, for instance, that Mueller and James Comey are “best friends,” that the report yielded “a total no-collusion finding,” and that Mueller is “conflicted” because of that aforementioned best friendship with Comey.

None of that is true, of course—as Vox points out, Comey and Mueller had a fairly nondescript working relationship (no best friendship here), Mueller has repeatedly stressed that the report does NOT exonerate the President, and the only thing Mueller’s conflicted about is whether it’s worth his time to word-for-word read the 448-page report on television.

Anyway, I look forward to at least 48 hours worth of intermittent Trump panic attacks and a tweeted full transcript of Hannity.


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