They'll Let Pretty Much Anyone Write a Book, Huh

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How would you feel if I told you that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the latest in a long, ignoble line of liars to vacate the role of Trump press secretary, is going to work on a book? Would you be shocked? Excited? Utterly devoid of any feeling whatsoever?

Sanders arrived in the Trump White House the same way most of her predecessors did: With virtually no job qualifications except the willingness to lie rabidly on behalf of her moss-brained boss. She departed with the distinction of being one of the Trump administration’s most straight-faced frauds; a person who managed to consistently avoid doing her job while still spewing a damaging amount of absolute nonsense.

According to Axios, Sanders’ post-White House plan follows a familiar pattern. Some rest, followed by some speaking engagements, followed by the inevitable book:

We hear the book will be billed as an account of her life in politics and experience inside the Trump administration, which she sees as very positive. Sanders plans to relax with her family in July, and she will help with Trump’s re-election campaign.


I struggle to imagine the market for said book, which promises, above all else, to be painfully boring. A banal record of her time spinning her boss’s nonsensical goose honks into different, equally preposterous goose honks. It was a job she loved, except for the horrible “dealing with the press part,” which she performed with contemptwhen forced to do it at all. I wonder how many pages of the book will be dedicated to the mean reporters with whom she occasionally interacted? Or is all that water under the bridge now in light of her fun goodbye drinks

Sanders tweeted on Friday that she left the White House with her “head held high.” That same misplaced sense of morality will probably propel her to run for governor of Arkansas, where I hope she faces the humiliating defeat she deserves.

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