Things people say at the end of both 4th of July fireworks and Donald Trump rallies

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

“Well, that was a spectacle.”

“I’m extremely drunk.”

“It was too loud for me.”

“I think I’m covered in ash.”

“Do you smell something burning?”

“You know, all of this is happening because of the Chinese.”

“Boy, that ending was something, huh?”

“The guy next to me was screaming the lyrics to 'Proud to Be an American' the entire time.”


“I hope my car isn’t on fire.”

“That lasted way longer than I thought it would.”

"Is there any more beer?"

"TV doesn't really capture it, you're right."

"I hope there are more rockets and missiles next year."

"I couldn't tell if that part was planned or not, but it was definitely frightening."

"Bringing the kids was a mistake, in retrospect."

"I can see why dogs wouldn't like this."

“I thought it was going to be patriotic, but really it was just tacky.”

“Only in America!”