This 2015 moment between Sally Yates and Jeff Sessions is a perfect preview of her defiance of Trump

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump summarily fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she directed Justice Department staffers to stop defending Trump's ban on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim nations—a ban, she explained, which she was not "convinced […] is lawful."


In fact, Yates' move was, in a way, telegraphed years in advance, thanks to an assist from none other than current Attorney General nominee and arch conservative, Senator Jeff Sessions during her confirmation hearing in 2015.

this old Sessions/Yates clip is almost too good to be true:

— Jesse Lehrich (@JesseLehrich) January 31, 2017

At the time, Sessions seemed positively delighted to hear the nominee explain that her loyalty is to the law, not the whims of the president.

I wonder if he feels the same way now?