This alleged Hillary Clinton hacking nightmare is a good reminder to always proofread your emails

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Just two mistyped characters in an email between Hillary Clinton campaign staffers allowed state-sponsored Russian hackers to gain access to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's massive cache of emails, according to a bombshell report from the New York Times.

The paper wrote that Clinton aide Charles Delevan replied, "This is a legitimate email" to another aide who noticed a suspect message sent to Podesta's inbox, which they had access to, prompting him to change his password.

But Delevan told the paper he meant to write that the email was "illegitimate" because he knew it was a phishing attack, and that the mix-up has plagued his conscience ever since.


There were no shortage of freakouts about how, as the Times reports it, the arc of the 2016 presidential race may have been impacted by a single typo, which gave hackers access to nearly 60,000 of Podesta's emails going back a decade.

Some people were skeptical that such a mistake could have been made.


Whatever the case, it's a timely reminder: double-check your email! Some very important things could be riding on it.

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