This Amazing Headline and Photo About an Irish Pig Farmer Fighting the Man

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

They don't teach this in journalism school. Great headline and photo (see above) from the Irish Independent:

"Pig farmer who ordered two repo men to strip naked and get into a pen with an ‘agitated’ boar jailed for a year."


Few people have mastered the full expressive potential of the eyebrows like this man, and you can bet that the hapless repo men who came to collect a generator and two power-washers at his County Longford farm were instantly sorry about their decision.

From the Independent:

"The two men were told to strip naked and they would be allowed walk out of the yard and when they refused Donal Connaughton made them get down on their knees and say the 'Our Father' before they were let go, leaving their truck behind."

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