In Anton Corbijn's new Miss Dior commercial, Natalie Portman plays a blushing, soon-to-be bride who gets cold feet. Abandoning her fiancee at the alter, she strips down out of her black-and-white haze into a slinky black number and goes to a cliff to hitch a ride in a helicopter.

Well, can't say we really blame her!

What's strange about the spot, though, is the messaging. Janis Joplin's raspy, "Piece of My Heart" plays as this woman straight-up flakes out on her fiancee for some rando whose main mode of transportation is a chopper. Is Miss Dior the fragrance for contrary women?


Because ads aren't movies, there's a lot left unanswered. There's the obvious question: "Why is Natalie Portman leaving her fiancee?" There's also, "What does her fiancee even look like?"

But perhaps that's the point. It seems intentional to leave out that information, as if Corbijn knows that for some people, no reason would be good enough, no actor ugly enough, for some to accept a woman's choice to leave.

While we're behind the feminist angle of this ad, it does seem a little thin, right? She's leaving her presumably wealthy husband (peep the dress and the wedding locale) for a guy with probably the same appeal. Corbijn calls this ad a feminist one, but Natalie Portman is just bouncing from man to man. How different would this ad feel if she left just to be alone?


Regardless, this spot is gorgeous. The gown? It took 600 (!!!) hours to make, and is comprised of hand-cut white and pink flowers to create the ombre effect in black and white. If that isn't reason enough to march down the aisle, I don't know what is. Check out the full commercial below.

Images via Dior

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