This Blind Girl Covering 'Wrecking Ball' Will Make You Cry

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Has your faith in humanity recently been challenged? Do you feel like having a good cry? If your answer to either question is a resounding yes, then have we got the perfect YouTube video for you.


On Wednesday, user George Doton uploaded a video of an adorable blind Filipina girl doing an amazing rendition of "Wrecking Ball," the latest Miley Cyrus video best known for the provocative music video produced by Terry Richardson.


To clarify, the clip is moving not because our young protagonist is blind, but because of the emotion and earnestness behind her performance. It's so compelling and moving that it transcends any and all celebrity baggage associated with the beleaguered American starlet.

Now, if you watched the clip above and didn't feel the slightest stir inside your soul, you might actually not be a human being.

Fidel Martinez is an editor at He's also a Texas native and a lifelong El Tri fan.

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