This bodega will deliver Plan B to your door

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Modern technology means you can get Plan B delivered to your door via Seamless if you live near one bodega corner store in New York City, as some redditors have discovered. So if it's too damn cold outside or you feel a little uncomfortable about going to the store and asking a stranger for emergency contraception because sometimes people are awful, you can just order it on your phone, which is pretty fabulous.

Only it's not—the bodega is crazy overcharging for it. If you want the convenience of home delivery for your Plan B, you'll be out $76.99. To put that in perspective, Planned Parenthood says costs for emergency contraception range from $25 to $65 and Plan B averaged out to $48 in 2013. In short, you're better off putting on that coat and saving the money.

While anything that gives people more access to contraception is a positive development, it's exploitative to overcharge for that access. Offering emergency contraception through delivery apps on a larger scale has the potential to give people more control of their bodies. Overcharging for Plan B just makes getting it easier for people who can afford the marked-up price, and they generally already have better access to contraception than low-income women. So yeah, it's great some people can get Plan B delivered to their door, but access to emergency contraception should be that easy for everyone.

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