This Brazilian Ad Will Melt Your Heart

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There are ads that overtly try to tug at the heartstrings, and then there are ads so devastatingly moving that they leave you in tears and restore your faith in humanity. The following ad for CNA-—a chain of language schools in Brazil—-most definitely falls into the latter category.

The ad, created by the agency FCB Brasil, highlights CNA’s “Speaking Exchange” program, a project where students from the CNA school in Liberdade, Brazil video chat with elderly Americans who live in the Chicago-area Windsor Park Retirement Community. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: The students improve their language skills, and the elderly residents have someone to talk to.

Try not to shed a tear:


The program is more than just a marketing ploy. According to AdWeek, the conversations between the students and the retirement homes are recorded and uploaded to YouTube, where a teacher can then view the conversation and assess it.

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