This British Politician Yelling BE A GOOD BOY Officially Broke My Brain

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British politics is pretty wild right now, for reasons that I do not fully understand but are related to the disastrous, utterly incomprehensible nightmare that is Brexit. You can read more about those reasons here, but this blog isn’t about that. This blog is about some shit I saw this morning and then kinda blacked out of my memory until I saw it again this afternoon. You ready? OK. Here’s the video:

What the fuck man. What’s going on. Is he allowed to do that? Man.

The guy in the video is Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, last seen (by me) when he was dealing with the wild meltdown that went down when Jeremy Corbyn allegedly called Theresa May a “stupid woman.” Here’s a larger compilation of clips of Bercow doing his thing if you can’t get enough. This kinda shit just happens, apparently:


The Sun reported on what Bercow was actually talking about in the original clip—he was basically admonishing the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (real thing) Michael Gove for being uncouth, and in the course of that, mentioned the school where Gove’s kids go. Gove wasn’t pleased with that, per The Sun.

Meanwhile, in the latest Brexit news, Boris Johnson lost a bid to have an election:

God, man, it just doesn’t get any less funny. I’m freaking out. Utterly incredible that these people are real.