This Camel Has a Very Strong Back

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One of Scott Pruitt’s closest allies in the Republican Party had admonishments on Wednesday for the cabinet official who has been using the EPA like his personal checkbook. Senator Jim Inhofe, a fellow conservative from Pruitt’s home state of Oklahoma, said that it might be time to swap Pruitt out, amid the most recent reporting by the Washington Post that found him using EPA resources to get his wife a job.

Inhofe went on conservative media pundit Laura Ingraham’s show, where they both agreed that Pruitt really needs to cut these shenanigans out or else!!


“All these things that are coming out are really not good things,” Inhofe said. “I’ve kind of taken the position that if that doesn’t stop, I’m going to be forced to be in a position where I’m going to say, ‘Well, Scott, you’re not doing your job.’ And hopefully that will change.” Yes, what Pruitt needs is just a small chiding and then he will get right on stopping that corruption stuff.

Ingraham also tweeted the following on Wednesday morning:

So I guess it was the latest report the straw that broke the camel’s back? Or was it when Pruitt tried to use his office to get his wife a job at Chick-fil-A? Maybe it was when he spent thousands of dollars on extravagant stationary? Possibly when he bought a house with a lobbyist? Or when he rented a condo from a lobbyist’s wife? Perhaps when he used his office as an excuse to go on fancy trips around the world? Maybe when he spent tens of thousands of dollars on first class airfare? Or, you know, this, this, that, or that?

Apparently this camel has a back of steel.