This Clip of Ben Carson Getting Owned Into the Sun Is a Thing of Pure Priceless Joy

Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Housing and Urban Development Sec. Ben Carson
Screenshot: C-SPAN

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson really made a damn fool of himself on Tuesday in his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. However, I am here to report that his Cookie Monster incident wasn’t even his most embarrassing moment.

Behold this C-SPAN clip of Carson being a complete dick to Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley as she grilled him about how stable and safe housing affects tenants’ health, and getting owned into the sun for it.


As Carson hemmed and hawed at Pressley’s questions, even asking her to ask some real questions—to which she repeatedly said she’s reclaiming her time—Carson really tried it himself, suddenly saying, “Reclaiming my time.”

Pressley promptly replied, “You don’t get to do that.”

Carson laughed at himself, or at the situation, responding with a dumbfounded, “Oh.” Committee chair Rep. Maxine Waters—the queen of reclaiming her timethen set the record straight, telling Carson, “The time belongs to the gentlelady.”

It was about as satisfying as Pressley’s questioning got, as Carson continued to talk down to her after the exchange, and avoided answering any of her questions within her time remaining. At least these moments of Trump administration idiocy are some sort of small, sick retribution for their incompetent leadership and their failures.

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