This couple split between Clinton and Trump are #RelationshipGoals

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It's Election Day in America, baby! Hope you're exercising your civic right and casting your vote today! Two people who we know for sure voted: Jackie and Bill Krachala.

CNN caught up with the couple (going 37 years strong!) in North Strabane Township, right outside Pittsburgh, where they told reporter Miguel Marquez about the serious stress test this election has put on their marital bonds. He's voting for Hillary Clinton. She's voting for Donald Trump.


They say love is patient and that love is kind, but this house, reader, is divided.

"We need our country that can be our country again and not be owing all the other countries," Jackie said.

"She's the best of the two," Bill replied.

But love always protects—it always trusts, always hopes, and always—alwaysperseveres.

"Do you guys actually love each other?" he joked.

For Jackie, their love "trumps" politics.

"Oh yeah. What are you gonna do?" the Trump voter laughed.



Aleksander Chan is Fusion's News Director.

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